Monday, June 29, 2009

Legal Notice (Copyright and Stuff)

Well i know it suck seeing something that made by you (chibi drawing in this case) , something that you have put your time, your heart and soul into it, just to be taken away and somehow pop-up in somebody website, or in the worst case, displayed in merchandise (t-shirt, mugs) by some X company in X country, Without even single tiny notice about whom the artist/drawer who make that art/drawing that they put in their t-shirt. Forget about copyright revenue and stuff. It's really sad and bothering me.

Before i continue, i must say that i really like chibi (especially chibi anime/manga characters), i really like chibi-ism so much to the point i have about 1.000+ pictures from dozens manga character, stored in my computer, and to the point i want to make a chibi related websites, and shares all my chibi pictures (which isn't mine actually) to world wide web.

The problem is, most of all my chibi collection doesn't have the link or source to the original artist/drawer, because what i do is i use google image search, right click the images, and save those images into my laptop. And in the end, i don't know who the images artist was (except there are watermark in it).

So if i use your drawing without your permission (and your website link where you publish it), i apologize, i really apologize. What i can do to compensate this is to put your www that you want in to my posts, where your image/drawing/art show up. If you want me to delete it, i'll do it.

Any complaints, suggestions etc, please mail me to anime.chibis (at)

Yes i know my english suck too >_<