Sunday, June 27, 2010

A little bit of updates...

I guess all of you have already knew what has been changing lately in this website... a site template changes !! to a Pink ones !! Why pink ? cause 70% of anime-chibis visitors are females and so this changes dedicated to all female visitor ♥ half ads in here are also has beed put off (annoying). For the future plan is updating daily (since i do a chibi surfing almost daily), adding a chibi manga section, make a really good banner for this website, exchange link with anime related website (contact me at FB if you want to exchange link)  and a more detailed chibi video section. My target is an average 1.000 visitors every day in 3 - 4  months a.k.a the biggest chibi related website on the net. So thanks to all loyal anime-chibis visitors, its fun to be visited by ten of thousand visitor which have the same interest as me.